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About Multicolor

This is a general purpose Discord bot written in Hungary. Our bot is multilingual, supporting English and Hungarian currently but we're working on expanding the range of available languages

Continuous improvements

We're constantly working on improving the current features of our bot and creating new ones based on unique ideas either by us or by our users

Active staff

The staff team consists of two developer friends. Should you ever need help, feel free to create a ticket in our support server or reach out to us through DMs


There is a wide range of commands available in our bot. From moderation to fun, we have plenty of useful commands that can make your server a better place or just make regular talks more fun

Completely unique code

The bot was built up entirely from zero. Since its launch in April 2021, it has gone through many improvements and innovations that make user experience better


Should you ever have any doubts or questions regarding our bot, don't hesitate asking it in our support server. Also, feel free to DM us any time, we'll respond as soon as possible

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Our bot has the most basic commands as well as ones that are either unique in our bot or paid in other bots

Music icon


MulticolorBot has the best music features and could possibly replace popular music bots in the future

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There are over 10 fun commands which either bring regular chatting to a new level or provide some games in case you're bored

Our Team


Hey there, I'm xy0505, the official developer of our bot. My hobby and future job is programming, for this reason I'll study that at university too.


Hello, I am ūüõĻSkaterBoyūüõĻ, the developer of this website. I am learning programming and I would like to go to university with it. I also love skateboarding and reading in my free time.


Multicolor Bot

  • Prefix is: ( - )
  • Moderations
  • Music
  • Fun
  • 0-24 host
  • English - Hungarian languages
  • Hacking course
  • Programming
  • Database
  • Gaming channels


MulticolorBot has a wide range of commands, having 55 commands in total. You can find the list of categories and commands under the Commands tab

Currently all features are free to use, some of them are planned to be added to the premium plan in the future though

You wont get a ban because the bot cannot change the rank more than 900 on a day

We keep all the data at a secure place using modern database solutions. Privacy is the most important part of the online world nowadays, that's why we protect user data at any cost and do our best to ensure everything is secured properly